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Friday, October 6, 2017 
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Free Download of the Day #16
Friday, October 6, 2017

Halloween Powerpoint
Pumpkin Math Puzzle Squares

Fun Animated Math Puzzles 
That Review Addition and Subtraction 

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For this Halloween powerpoint lesson, students have to solve addition and subtraction equations, using an engaging puzzle style format.

These Halloween math puzzles work well as a daily warm up activity and your students could complete one puzzle each day prior to Halloween.

There are 5 sets of question/answer slides in this powerpoint lesson, as well as 2 student worksheets for students to work out their answers on.

1.  Powerpoint Title Slide

2.  Powerpoint Student Directions Slide

3.  Example of a Question Slide

4.  Example of a Answer Slide

5.  Student Worksheets

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Free October
Classroom Calendar Set
These Pieces Fit Inside Pocket Charts

My free calendar sets can be displayed on a bulletin board or placed inside a pocket chart.

Each calendar set includes:

  • 2 page banner
  • large days of the week
  • small days of the week
  • square dates for 1 - 31
  • birthday squares
  • blank square
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FREE calendar set:

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Are you looking for creative writing prompt ideas October?

Creative Writing Prompts

Click HERE (or on this calendar) to view a LARGE list of creative writing ideas for the month of October

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Are you looking fun projects and activities for
Halloween and October?

Halloween Lesson Plans For Teachers Banner

1.  Halloween Projects and Lessons Plans:

2.  Read Aloud Books For Halloween:

  • Stellaluna - Janell Cannon - Bat Templates and Project

3.  Creative Writing Prompts and Ideas:

4.  FREE October Download:

Halloween Lesson Plans and Activities for Elementary Teachers and Students

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