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Free May Teaching Resources - Teachers Have Class Issue #30
April 24, 2012

May Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans

Teachers Have Class! Issue #30
May 2012

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Edition of Teachers Have Class!

Welcome to the 30th newsletter of Teachers Have Class from Unique Teaching Resources!

In this May edition of Teachers Have Class you will find the following free teaching resources:

  1. "Our Writing Is Blooming" Creative Writing Set
  2. Old MacDonald Math Word Problems Powerpoint
  3. Classroom Display For Colorful Word Choices To Use For Went and Walked
  4. Printable Calendar for May
  5. General May Writing Prompts
  6. Specific May Writing Prompts

If you are looking for ideas for Spring or May writing prompts, you will find a large list of journal ideas and topics in this edition of Teachers Have Class that you can use with your students this May.

For specific May dates, holidays, and events (see the list below), I have included ideas for creative writing prompts, fun student projects, related videos, suggestions for read aloud books, and links to useful websites that provide additional information and teaching resources related to that particular holiday.

  • May - National Salad Month
  • May 1 - Save the Rhino Day
  • May 2 - Brothers and Sisters Day
  • May 5 - Cinco de Mayo
  • Second Sunday of May - Mother's Day
  • Second Week of May - National Pet Week
  • May 8 - World Red Cross Day
  • May 12 - Limerick Day
  • May 16 - First Academy Awards Ceremony
  • May 29 (1917) - John F. Kennedy's Birthday
  • Last Monday of May - Memorial Day

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Edition of Teachers Have Class!

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