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Teachers Have Class Issue #1 - October Teaching Resources and Ideas
October 23, 2009

Update About Unique Teaching Resources

Teachers Have Class!
Update on Unique Teaching Resources

I want to thank all of the teachers who have subscribed to my newsletter, Teachers Have Class. You will be receiving the November issue of my newsletter before November 1. I have planned a calendar set for this month and two other goodies that I will include in the November edition of Teachers Have Class.

I also want to thank you for your patience as I have been putting the process of having my resources available for purchase on line. I have now started that process and will be adding new resources each day.

If you have seen any Halloween teaching resources that you were interested in, I have posted about 75% of them as of today, including 2 English and 2 math powerpoint presentations. If you are interested in viewing these to use before Halloween, you can click on this link: Halloween Teaching Resources.

I have also added a new section to my left hand "table of contents" called Book Report Sets. Quite a few teachers have expressed interest and wanted more information about my book report projects. I now have 5 book report projects available on Unique Teaching Resources: Rocket, Cheeseburger, Main Character Vacation Suitcase, Monolopy Board, and Main Character Birthday Party. If you are interested in viewing these and seeing more examples of my book reports, you can click on this link: Book Report Sets.

In my November newsletter, I will give a more detailed listing of the recent updates that I have made to Unique Teaching Resources. So, I'll be back with more information before the beginning of November.

Thank you,

Heidi McDonald

Unique Teaching Resources

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