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Unique Teaching Resources is the place for teachers to find engaging lesson plans and fun projects for their students.

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On this educational website, you will find creative teaching ideas and fun lesson plan activities that will create a spark of interest, creativity, and enthusiasm in your students.

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This educational website has been built for teachers by a teacher who has over 22 years of teaching experience in the United States and overseas.

It is not a large educational company, instead it is the creation and work of a school teacher who loves our profession!

Fun Reading Book Report Project Activities

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What makes this teaching website unique?

Elementary School Children Unique Teaching Resources

1.  Unique Book Report Projects

Extra large and unique book report project templates that will engage your students in fun and challenging reading activities.

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Book Report Templates and Projects

2.  Fun Group Projects For Favorite Novels and Real Aloud Books

Extra large cooperative group projects based on popular novels that your students have read together in class.

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Creative Projects For Children's Books

3.  Creative Writing Templates

Writing templates in unique shapes that will guide your students through all of the steps of the writing process.

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Creative Writing Templates

4.  Poetry Templates

Poetry templates in a variety of unique shapes that will help make writing poems a fun creative writing activity.

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Poetry Lesson Plans and Templates

5.  Fun Powerpoint Presentations

Engaging powerpoint lesson plans that will involve your students in the lesson activity and capture their attention.

Earth Day April 22 Grammar Powerpoint LessonFun Game Formats

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Powerpoint Lesson Plans

6.  Award Certificates

A variety of awards and certificates that you can use to reward your students for their progress and success.

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Student Awards and Certificates

7.  Fun Sticker Chart Templates

Uniquely shaped sticker chart templates that will help you to motivate your students to reach goals that you set for them such as reading books, completing homework, and best effort.

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Incentive and Sticker Charts

8.  Bulletin Board Displays

Colorful bulletin board displays to help you brighten up your classroom and highlight your students' work.

Fun Back To School Classroom DecorationsUnique Templates

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Classroom Bulletin Board Displays

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From A to Z, on Unique Teaching Resources, you will find educational resources that:

  • save you time
  • brighten up your classroom environment
  • enrich your curriculum
  • engage your students in learning
  • make learning fun and challenging for your unique students

Unique creative writing templates, worksheets, powerpoint lessons, and projects for special holidays and the 4 seasons.

Elementary Students Learning to Read

Famous Quote About Teachers By William Arthur Ward

Fun Roald Dahl Day With Elementary School Students

Elementary School Classroom Bulletin Board Displays of Student Projects

Please remember to bookmark and return to my website often, as I am continuously adding new resources and pages to this educational website.

Thank you for visiting Unique Teaching Resources.

Thank You For Visiting Unique Teaching Resources

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