Free SMART Classroom Rules
Bulletin Board Display

Download Free Smart Classroom Rules Bulletin Board Display

(You'll find the free download link below.)

Ideal for using for a bulletin board display
that features your classroom rules.

I hope these free printables help save you time in designing
and decorating your classroom bulletin board displays.

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Download a free banner for your bulletin board display below. blue bullet point On this free downloads for teachers page, you will find a 3 page classroom rules pencil set that you can download, print out, and assemble to display in your classroom.

blue bullet point This Be S.M.A.R.T. display features 6 pencils (that are each 3 pages long) that are glued together to create a pencil shaped classroom rules display in your classroom.

blue bullet point I know that it takes teachers a lot of time to design and assemble their classroom bulletin board displays.

blue bullet point Many teachers spend their valuable time cutting out large display letters or making a banner at home on their own computers.

blue bullet point In order to help save you time in assembling a bulletin board display featuring your classroom rules, I have designed this free 6 pencil display (you'll find the free downloads for teachers link below).

Assemble these 3 pages together to create a free classroom rules bulletin board display.

Above: Free Be S.M.A.R.T. Classroom Rules Display

blue bullet point To assemble this free pencil shaped display, follow these directions:

  • Download and save this free teaching resource to your computer by clicking on the underlined link found below (it is a zipped PDF file).
  • Open and print this free "Classroom Rules" display.
  • Trim the edges off the right side of each page.
  • Using a large flat surface, lay out the pages (shown above) so that they overlap slightly and the edges, text, and pencils are alligned evenly.
  • Glue the pages together.
  • Turn the pencils over and tape the back pieces together so that they are secure.
  • Cut the top and bottom edges off of the pencils so that you have 6 individual pencils.

blue bullet point If you have access to a laminating machine, I recommend that you laminate your "Be S.M.A.R.T. pencils" so that they will be more durable and you can use this display set again in the future.

The free printables on this page, and my other Free Bulletin Board Display Banners
pages, are my way of saying "Thank You" for visiting Unique Teaching Resources!

Click here to download this free SMART classroom rules bulletin board display.

Click on the link below to download this
FREE SMART classroom rules bulletin board display:

Free Downloads For Teachers:
"Free SMART Classroom Rules Bulletin Board Display"

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Have you downloaded my other
free bulletin board display banners?

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September 2013: There are currently 16 free banners to download on this page.

This is a page in progress, so please check back
again soon to see the new banners that I have added!

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Thank you for visiting my
Free SMART Classroom Rules Bulletin Board Display page.

Free Bulletin Board Display Banners For Classrooms

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Teaching Resources
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Heidi McDonald

Creator and Website Manager
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