Adverbs Lesson Plans
Fun Activities For Reviewing Adjectives

Fun powerpoint presentations for teachers to use to review adverbs with their students.

Welcome to my Adverbs Lesson Plans page. On this page, you will find fun lesson plan activities for reviewing adverbs with your students using grammar powerpoint presentations.

When I am creating my adverb powerpoint presentations, I try to create grammar activities that are in a fun game format.

My students participate actively in these lessons because I provide a student response worksheet that students write their responses on, so my students are engaged and on task during these lesson activities.

On my Review Parts of Speech page, you will also find Adverbs Lesson Plans, as many of these activities also contain a grammar review using adverbs.

Thankgiving Adverbs Powerpoint Lesson

Thanksgiving Adverbs Powerpoint Lesson Presentation
Thankgiving English Grammar Adverb Powerpoint Lesson


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Adverbs Lesson Plans Powerpoint is provided below.

There are 20 sets of questions and answers in this Thanksgiving Adverbs Powerpoint Presentation, as well as a student response worksheet for students to write their answers on.

This lesson activity requires students to select the adverb in each sentence and the verb that it modifies. Students have to decide if the adverb describes how, when, or where. Your students will love playing this engaging Thanksgiving activity while they are reviewing adverbs!

Before reviewing adverbs using this Thanksgiving powerpoint activity, I have designed a Thanksgiving Adjective Powerpoint Lesson which you will find above.

My Thanksgiving Adjective lesson is set up in the same style and format as this adverb lesson and together they provide an interesting way for you to review adjectives and adverbs with your students at this time of the year. I hope that these Thanksgiving powerpoint lesson plans help your students review these two parts of speech in a fun and entertaining way.

Below is a video explaining my Thanksgiving Adverbs Powerpoint Presentation.

Thank you for visiting this adverbs lesson plans page.

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