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Welcome to my Adjectives Lesson Plans page.

On this page, you will find fun lesson plan activities for reviewing adjectives with your students using grammar powerpoint presentations.

When I am creating my adjective powerpoint presentations, I try to create grammar activities that are in a fun game format.

My students participate actively in these lessons because I provide a student response worksheet that students write their responses on, so my students are engaged and on task during these lesson activities.

On my Review Parts of Speech page, you will also find Adjectives Lesson Plans, as many of these activities also contain a grammar review using adjectives.

Thanksgiving Adjectives
Powerpoint Lesson

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Thanksgiving Adjectives Lesson Plans
Powerpoint Presentation

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Thanksgiving Adjectives Powerpoint Lesson Presentation

Thankgiving English Grammar Adjective Powerpoint Lesson

There are 20 sets of questions and answers in this Thanksgiving Adjectives Lesson Plans powerpoint presentation, as well as a student response worksheet for students to write their answers on.

This lesson activity requires students to select the adjective in each sentence and the noun that it modifies. Students have to decide if the adjective describes what kind, which one, or how many. Your students will love playing this engaging Thanksgiving activity while they are reviewing adjectives!

After reviewing adjectives using this Thanksgiving powerpoint activity, I have designed a Thanksgiving Adverb Powerpoint Lesson which you will find below.

My Thanksgiving Adverb lesson is set up in the same style and format as this adjective lesson and together they provide an interesting way for you to review adjectives and adverbs with your students at this time of the year. I hope that these Thanksgiving powerpoint lesson plans help your students review these two parts of speech in a fun and entertaining way.

Below is a video explaining my Thanksgiving Adjectives Powerpoint Presentation.

Busy Bees Grammar Comparing Powerpoint

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Busy Bees Grammar Comparing Powerpoint Lesson

Adjectives Lesson Plans

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Grammar Powerpoint Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs Lesson

There are 15 sets of question slides and 15 answer slides in this Busy Bee Grammar Comparing Power Point Presentation. This set contains a student response worksheet for students to write their answers on. There are a total of 39 slides in this presentation.

This lesson activity is set up with a general spring bee theme. Although I have posted this teaching resource on my spring powerpoint lesson plans page, this lesson can be used anytime of the school year.

These spring powerpoint lesson plans review comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs in a fun way with visual cues for each form of the adjective or adverb.

The following words are reviewed in this powerpoint lesson:

  1. large, larger, largest
  2. fat, fatter, fattest
  3. fast, faster, fastest
  4. hot, hotter, hottest
  5. high, higher, highest
  6. late, later, latest
  7. sad, sadder, saddest
  8. pretty, prettier, prettiest
  9. loud, louder, loudest
  10. many, more, most
  11. delicious, more delicious, most delicious
  12. bad, worse, worst
  13. good, better, best
  14. difficult, more difficult, most difficult
  15. little, less, least

I have tried to provide a large variety of words in this lesson activity: words that are standard and just add er and est (fast), words that follow the doubling rule (hot), words that follow the y rule (pretty), words that add more or most (difficult), and words that change their form (bad).

This powerpoint activity reviews comparative and superlative forms of words, but I have not used this terminology in this lesson activity. I have found that my students understand this concept better when I call them comparing 2 things and comparing 3 or more things. Once my students have mastered this concept, then I introduce the words comparative and superlative into my students' vocabulary.

Since this is a powerpoint file, once you have downloaded it, you are able to change any of the text that you want. If you want to use the terminology comparative and superlative, you can easily change this on the student worksheet and the title slide.

Your students will love playing this engaging bee theme power point game, and the three animated visual cues that are on each page will help your students to better understand these comparison words.

Below is an example of the question slide.

Comparison Adjectives and Adverbs Powerpoint Lesson Plan

Below is an example of an answer slide.

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs Powerpoint Lesson Plan

Below is the score card worksheet that students record their answers on. The directions for filling out the score card are explained to the students in the second slide of this powerpoint presentation.

This response worksheet is found on slide 37 of the presentation. To print this worksheet out for your students, open this document and when you go to print it, select only slide 37 to print, and by doing this, you will not print out all 39 slides that are in this set.

Powerpoint Student Answer Worksheet for Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs

Click on the link below to download a free sample of these spring powerpoint lesson plans. This Busy Bee Comparing Lesson sample will show you an example of a question slide, and this is the section where students write their answers on their response worksheets. Next, you will see an example of an answer slide, where you review the answers to each question and students grade their work.

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Busy Bees Comparing Lesson Powerpoint Lesson Activity

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Thank you for visiting this Adjectives Lesson Plans page. Please be sure to check out the other pages on my website for a large variety of teaching resources that will engage your students in learning and save you valuable time.

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