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Wednesday, September 6, 2016 
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Free Download of the Day #1
Wednesday, September 6

Pencil Box Templates: We Are Colorful Students
For Grades 1 - 8 (Grade Level Specific)

Value of Your Free Gift ==> $3.50

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Note:  For teachers in countries that spell color with a "u," there are also templates with colourful written on them.

Are you looking for a creative writing assignment and bulletin board display that is individualized to the grade level that you teach?

This resource set has 8 separate writing templates that have Grades 1 - 8 written on the student worksheets and templates.

For this creative writing assignment:

  • Students choose 5 words or phases that describe themselves and write them in the 5 pencils.
  • In the pencil box area, students write a description about themselves, as well as their birthdays along the side of the box.

This Free Download of the Day includes:

  1. First draft writing worksheet
  2. Black and white pencil box template
  3. Color pencil box template
  4. 5 page bulletin board display banner
  5. 4 colorful pencil box bulletin board display accent pieces

1.  First Draft Student Worksheet

There are separate worksheets for Grades 1 - 8. Above is an example of the Grade 3 first draft worksheet.

2.  Final Draft Templates

There are separate templates for Grades 1 - 8. Above is an example of the Grade 3 pencil box template.

3.  Examples of Color Templates

There are separate color templates for Grades 1 - 8. Above is an example of the Grade 3 pencil box template.

4.  Matching 5 Page Bulletin Board Display Banner

There are separate banners for Grades 1 - 8. Above is an example of the Grade 1 banner.

To assemble this 5 page banner, follow these directions:

  1. Trim the edges off the right side of each page.
  2. Using a large flat surface, lay out the 5 pages so that they overlap slightly and the edges, text, and graphics are aligned evenly.
  3. Glue the pages together.
  4. Turn the banner over and tape the back pieces together so that they are secure.
  5. Cut the top and bottom edges off of the banner.

5.  Bulletin Board Accent Pieces

Free September
Classroom Calendar Set
These Pieces Fit Inside Pocket Charts

My free calendar sets can be displayed on a bulletin board or placed inside a pocket chart.

Each calendar set includes:

  • 2 page banner
  • large days of the week
  • small days of the week
  • square dates for 1 - 31
  • birthday squares
  • blank square
  1. Click on the September graphic below to download your free September calendar set.
  2. Click on the months below to download all 12 FREE sets of classroom calendars.

Click on the months below to download each
FREE calendar set:

You can also download all 12 months of my free calendar sets from this page:

Are you looking for ideas for creative writing prompts September?

Creative Writing Prompts

Click HERE (or on this calendar) to view a LARGE list of creative writing ideas for the month of September

Are you looking fun projects and activities for Back To School?

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Complimentary Sign Up Gift #1: 
Reading Rainbow Sticker Chart

Reading Rainbow Bulletin Board DisplayAbove: Example of classroom bulletin board display of students' Reading Rainbow sticker charts.

There are 25 boxes for you to place stickers inside of on these colorful rainbow templates.

You can use these incentive charts to promote and encourage your students to develop the habit of reading each night at home.

Your students will be motivated to reach the target of getting 25 stickers on these reading rainbow sticker charts.

Free Reading Rainbow Bulletin Board Display BannerAbove: 5 Page Bulletin Board Display Banner
Free Reading Rainbow Sticker Chart TemplateAbove: Free Reading Rainbow Sticker Chart Template
Free Reading Rainbow Student Award CertificateAbove: I have designed separate Reading Rainbow awards for you to present to girl and boy students.

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Complimentary Sign Up Gift #2: 
Set of 40+ Rainbow Graphics and Clip Art

Free Rainbow Graphics and Clip ArtThis 2nd FREE gift contains more than 40 clip art graphics and photographs that have rainbow themes.

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