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Bundled Value Pack
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Book Report Projects
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This bundled set of 28 book report projects will provide you with tons of fun reading activities to last the entire school year!

  • Your students will love these extra large templates!
  • Great for group projects and individual student book reports.
  • Create eye-catching bulletin board displays with your students finished projects.
Cheeseburger Book Report ProjectCheeseburger
Main Character Book Report ProjectCharacter Body
Rocket Book Report ProjectRocket
Cell Phone Book Report ProjectCell Phone
Birthday Cake Book Report ProjectBirthday Cake
Computer Book Report ProjectComputer
Dog Book Report ProjectDog
Butterfly Book Report ProjectButterfly

Spring Value Pack:

28 Book Report Projects Regular Price = $146.76 

+ 14 Free Projects  Value = $67.45 

Spring Sale Price ==>  16.76

Save $130.00

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Spring Sale:  $16.76
Save $130.00

Shown Above: Cheeseburger, Rocket, Main Character Bodies, Turtle, and Star Book Report Projects

Make Reading Fun!

  • Are your students bored of traditional one page book report worksheets?
  • Do you want to engage your students in fun, challenging, and creative reading activities?
  • Do you want to save yourself valuable time in planning?
  • Do you want to create colorful and eye-catching bulletin board displays that will impress your principal, parents, and other teachers?

If you answered YES! to these questions, then this Value Pack is ideal for YOU!

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This Value Pack Includes 28 Book Report Projects:

Unique and Fun Book Report Project TemplatesShown Above: Cheeseburger, Main Character Body, and Castle Book Report Projects
  1. Cheeseburger ($4.99) View
  2. Sandwich ($4.99) View
  3. Pizza Venn Diagram ($3.50) View
  4. Birthday Cake ($4.99) View
  5. Main Character Body ($4.99) View
  6. Game Board ($4.99) View
  7. Wanted Poster ($4.99) View
  8. Vacation Suitcase ($4.99) View
  9. First Place Trophy ($4.99) View
  10. Biography Newspaper ($4.99) View
  11. Star ($4.99) View
  12. Extra Large Turtle ($7.50) View
  13. Dive Into Reading Fish ($8.50) View
  14. Colorful Butterfly ($4.99) View
  15. Story Elements Butterfly ($4.99) View
  16. Colorful Caterpillar ($4.99) View
  17. Story Elements Caterpillar ($4.99) View
  18. Cell Phone ($4.99) View
  19. Radio ($4.99) View
  20. Movie Camera ($4.99) View
  21. Computer ($4.99) View
  22. House ($4.99) View
  23. Extra Large Castle ($7.50) View
  24. School Bus ($4.99) View
  25. Rocket ($4.99) View
  26. Cause and Effect Tree ($4.99) View
  27. Sunflower ($4.99) View
  28. Mountain Story Map ($4.99) View

Total Price = $146.76

Spring Sale ==> $16.76

(Save $130.00)

Lowest Price of the Year

I've also included 14 Free Projects in this bundled set.
Value of Free Gifts ==>  $67.45

Unique and Fun Creative Writing Projects and TemplatesShown Above: Amazing Reading Race Sticker Chart, Witch Templates, Turkey Templates, Snowman Templates, E.A.R.T.H. Acrostic Poem, Dive Into Reading Fish Sticker Charts, and Family Tree Project
  1. 66 Award Certificate Pack ($3.50) View
  2. Amazing Reading Race Maps and Passport ($3.50) View
  3. Dive Into Reading Fish Sticker Charts ($8.50) View
  4. Dive Into the Parts of Speech Fish Display Set ($8.50) View
  5. Punctuation Puppies Display Set ($7.50)  View
  6. Student Information Bus Templates ($4.99) View
  7. Meet the Stars of Our Classroom ($3.99) View
  8. P.E.A.C.E. Acrostic Poems ($3.99) View
  9. Witch and Cauldron Writing Templates ($2.99) View
  10.  Turkey Creative Writing Templates ($3.50) View
  11. Snowman Creative Writing Templates ($3.50) View
  12. E.A.R.T.H. Day Acrostic Poem ($3.99) View
  13. Family Tree Templates ($6.00) View
  14. Mother's Day Flower Templates ($3.00) View

Total Price = $67.45

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Spring Sale:  $16.76
Save $130.00

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Download Information:

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Teacher Testimonials
About the Book Report Projects in this Value Pack

Name: Stephanie (Grade 4) 

From: New York, U.S.A. 

Hi Heidi, I just wanted to update you my purchases. We love them!! We started working on our star book reports this week for "Frindle" It is working out great! I think we will do the character book report for our social studies book, "The Kid Who Ran For President." I love, love, love your products and they are so organized and easy to create!

Name: Margaret (Grade 5) 

From: Victoria, Australia 

Dear Heidi, I just wanted to say thank you for the most amazing teaching resources that I have ever come across in my thirty years of teaching. I have used many of your book report projects this year and my students absolutely loved them. What was particularly pleasing was seeing some of my reluctant readers (especially the boys) really wanting to read books and complete the activities. Keep up the great work!

Name: H. Dyson (Year 3) 

From: Scotland 

Hello from Scotland! Thank you very much for the Biography Book Report Newspaper Project. I am looking forward to my pupils completing them during their work on Mary, Queen of Scots. I would just like to say a huge thank you for all the great resources that you have available on your website - they are so creative and very motivating.

Name: Shirley (Grade 1) 

From: Florida, USA 

Hi Heidi, I thought you would like to know that I just finished doing the rocket book report projects with my 1st graders. THEY LOVED IT!! I will be looping up to 2nd Grade with them next year, so I am saving the school bus book report for the beginning of the year. You can bet that I will be ordering others!

Name: Mary (Grade 4) 

From: New York, U.S.A. 

I feel so fortunate to have found your website and I have referred several of my co-workers to your website. Just for the month of January, there were three teachers displaying your book report projects. I had the 1st place trophy reports, my neighbor to the left had the computer reports, and my neighbor to the right had the birthday cake reports. Thank you so very much for all of your work!

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Spring Value Pack:

28 Book Report Projects (Value $146.76)
+ 14 Free Projects (Value $67.45)

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