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9 St. Patricks's Day Teaching Resources

1. Pot of Gold Tricky Word Pairs - Powerpoint Lesson $3.00 View
2. Leprechauns Love To Read - Sticker Chart Set $3.50 View
3. Pot of Gold - Sticker Chart Set $2.50 View
4. Think Green: Environmental Awareness Lesson Plan Set $3.00 View
5. St. Patrick's Day Poetry Set $0.99 View
6. March Creative Writing Worksheet Set $0.99 View
7. Finding a Pot of Gold Creative Writing Worksheet Set $0.99 View
8. Simile Snake - Poetry Writing Templates $3.50 View
9. March Classroom Calendar Set Bonus View
Total Value of 9 Projects:

28 Extra Large, Fun, and Unique Book Report Projects

Examples of Creative and Fun Book Report Projects
  1. Cheeseburger ($4.99) View
  2. Sandwich ($4.99) View
  3. Pizza Venn Diagram ($3.50) View
  4. Birthday Cake ($4.99) View
  5. Main Character Body ($4.99) View
  6. Game Board ($4.99) View
  7. Wanted Poster ($4.99) View
  8. Vacation Suitcase ($4.99) View
  9. First Place Trophy ($4.99) View
  10. Biography Newspaper ($4.99) View
  11. Star ($4.99) View
  12. Extra Large Turtle ($7.50) View
  13. Dive Into Reading Fish ($8.50) View
  14. Colorful Butterfly ($4.99) View
  15. Story Elements Butterfly ($4.99) View
  16. Colorful Caterpillar ($4.99) View
  17. Story Elements Caterpillar ($4.99) View
  18. Cell Phone ($4.99) View
  19. Radio ($4.99) View
  20. Movie Camera ($4.99) View
  21. Computer ($4.99) View
  22. House ($4.99) View
  23. Extra Large Castle ($7.50) View
  24. School Bus ($4.99) View
  25. Rocket ($4.99) View
  26. Cause and Effect Tree ($4.99) View
  27. Sunflower ($4.99) View
  28. Mountain Story Map ($4.99) View

Total Value of 28 Book Report Projects:

This Value Pack Also Includes 14 Free Projects:

Examples of Free Gifts in Book Report Projects Value Pack
  1. 66 Award Certificate Pack ($3.50)
  2. Amazing Reading Race Maps and Passport ($3.50) View
  3. Dive Into Reading Fish Sticker Charts ($8.50) View
  4. Dive Into the Parts of Speech Fish Display Set ($8.50) View
  5. Punctuation Puppies Display Set ($7.50) View
  6. Student Information Bus Templates ($4.99) View
  7. Meet the Stars of Our Classroom ($3.99) View
  8. P.E.A.C.E. Acrostic Poems ($3.99)
  9. Witch and Cauldron Writing Templates ($2.99) View
  10. Turkey Creative Writing Templates ($3.50) View
  11. Snowman Creative Writing Templates ($3.50) View
  12. E.A.R.T.H. Day Acrostic Poem ($3.99)
  13. Family Tree Templates ($6.00)
  14. Mother's Day Flower Templates ($3.00)

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Free Projects = $67.45

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9 St. Patrick's Day Resources:
28 Book Report Projects:
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Roald Dahl Lesson Plans and Fun Group Projects

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Fun Projects and Lesson Plans For Childrens Books

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More Book Report Projects:

- Monopoly Gameboard
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- Wanted Poster
- Biography Newspaper
- Castle
- Butterfly
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- Dive Into Reading Fish
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